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Chapter C: Respiratory System

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C.1. Introduction to the Respiratory System

... a short intro in the respiratory system.

   C.1. Introduction to the Respiratory System

C.2 & C.3. Structure of the Respiratory System

... and the structure of the respiratory tracts and the lungs:

   C.2. Upper Respiratory Airways
   C.3. Lower Respiratory Airways

C.4. The Lungs:

In this chapter, we discuss the various functions of the lungs; from the inspiration all the way to the blood oxygenation.

C.5. Gas Transport:

Here, we discuss the major function of the lungs, the oxygen and the carbon dioxide transportation.

   C.5.1. Oxygen Transport
   C.5.2. Carbon Dioxide Transport

C. 6. Respiratory Regulation:

Now that you know that the lungs do not have a pacemaker, we need to discuss who is in charge (=responsible) for the lungs.

   C.6. Respiratory Regulation

Chapter C: Respiratory System
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